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Jivili Consultancy Services
Jivili offer Consultancy Services covering all aspects of the Barcode Solution from initial enquiry to completion. Whether you are a looking for general advice on your first Barcode implementation or looking for some specialised advice, Jivili have the answers.
Are you still working with paper based, manual data entry systems?
If so then you should consider switching to Barcoding.There are two basic advantages to using barcodes as opposed to manual data entry: Speed & Accuracy

Speed: Time needed to enter 12 characters of data

Manual Keyboard Entry 3.0 seconds
Scanning a Barcode 0.3 seconds

Accuracy: The error rate for typing is one substitution error in every 300 characters types. Error rated for barcode range from 1 substitution error in every 15,000 to 36 trillion characters scanned (depending on the type of barcode).

A data entry error will translate into additional costs for a business which ranges from the cost of re-keying the data to shipping the wrong product to the wrong customer.
Saving from these two advantages will usually pay for the cost of a barcode system in less than two years. The only disadvantage is that data must be coded in the barcode. This can be an additional cost.

Jivili are committed to helping you find the best solution to your particular needs and cover all areas including:
     Calculating ROI
     Advice on Implementation Strategy
     Highlighting Key Business Opportunities for Barcoding
     Choosing the right type of Barcode
     Barcode Printer Selection
     Barcode Reader Selection
     Mobile Computer Selection
     Wireless Network Design & Installation
     Wireless Network Security & Administration
     Data Carrier Options (GPRS/GSM, WiFi, Bluetooth)
     Mobile Computer - Software Design & Development.

Jivili Consultants have recently worked on projects concerning Manufacturing, Warehouse Management Systems & Supply Chain & Logistics.We can provide you with pertinent advice based on a comprehensive level of operational experience, and help you avoid the pitfalls that can occur.

Our consultant rates start from  300 ex VAT per day

Call 01636627020 to discuss or email enquiries@jivili.com with your particular needs



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