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Datalogic Rhino-NET

  • Win CE 4.2 .Net
  • IP65 & 25G shock tested
  • Constantly illuminated keyboard with separate numeric keypad
  • Full range operating temperature -30° to 50° C
  • Terminal emulation for IBM5250/3270 and VT100/220 with DL-TCL-NET
  • Availability 2-3 weeks

    Jivili Price from
    £1,936.99 ex vat

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    Rhino-NET™ is the new Datalogic vehicle mounted RF terminal of the mobile@work™ family with WindowsCE.Net technology. Designed for all operating conditions, Rhino-NET™ is capable of working in sub-zero environments, enabling the terminal to perform at temperatures as low as -30°C. Providing a superior protection class (IP65) and an intuitive usage of the constantly illuminated keyboard, Rhino-NET™ is the most flexible solution for vehicle applications in extremely harsh environments. Thanks to its particular mounting bracket, Rhino-NET™ is also immune to vibrations and mechanical shocks. Communication is extremely flexible: Datalogic supplies RF WLAN technology, compliant with the IEEE 802.11b (Wi-Fi) standard, enabling businesses to employ the latest standards. Rhino-NET™ is equipped with two standard type III PCMCIA slots that allow support of the Radio Ready concept for short range data communication with mobile printers. A WPAN Bluetooth® module can also be added. Integration management to the legacy systems takes advantage of the new software product line that includes terminal emulation connectivity for IBM5250/3270 and VT100/220 through DL TCL™ for CE. In addition, Rhino-NET™ can be used in combination with the Dragon™ laser gun to allow bar code data entry, in both directly powered cable and cordless versions. All Rhino-NET™’s features can be easily configured through the Remote Display Control Application. Flexibility in wireless communication, a progressive operating system and an impressive feature list make the durable Rhino-NET™ an essential and reliable tool for today’s challenging warehouse management environment.

    JiviliMCL Compatible

    Product Options
    P/N: 942901010
    Rhino-NET RR Low-temp(requires 802.11b card)
    £1,936.99 ex vat
    P/N: 942901009
    Rhino-NET RF-3 Low-temp(includes 802.11b card)
    £2,014.99 ex vat
    P/N: 942901014
    Rhino-NET RF-3 Low-temp(includes 802.11b card), Bluetooth
    £2,160.85 ex vat

    Product Accessories
    P/N: 946101001
    DL Rhino-NET Cordless Card 433MHZ - Used to connect Cordless Dragon scanner
    £214.92 ex vat
    P/N: 94ACC1282
    Rhino-NETÖ Spare Mounting Kit (Kit Included FOC with terminal kit)
    £116.00 ex vat
    P/N: 94ACC1289
    Serial Mouse for Rhino-NETÖ RS232 9-pin Male
    £25.00 ex vat
    P/N: 90G001070
    CAB-327 RS232 Cable, 9-Pin Female Connector - Used to connect Corded Dragon scanner
    £8.99 ex vat

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